Not Where You Would Expect to Find a Flight Simulator!

Usually you can expect to find a full motion flight simulator at a flight school, or maybe hidden away in the basement of a well-off enthusiast. You can imagine our surprise when we found one at an entirely different kind of workplace…

While visiting Australia we heard that the guys at Mortgage Hero, a home loan company in Perth, Western Australia had an ovo-4-5epic OVO-4 flight simulator on site for some down-time fun. We were lucky enough to be invited in for a look.

The OVO-4 at Mortgage Hero is modeled after the Cessna 172 and features three 24 inch screens, an epic surround sound system, smart lighting, vibration system, and the best bit – a fully mobile cockpit that can pitch, sway, and tilt to simulate movement.

More information on the OVO-4 can be found here:

How’s that for an amazing workplace?

Reasons why flight schools use simulators to teach their students


Flight simulators are now widely being used by flight schools to teach their students. Using fight simulator, students can improve their understanding of real-world aviation. The flight simulators are advancing with new features making them more real. Researchers are always trying to improve the features of flight simulators so that pilots or students can get a very close real life flight experience. Here are the reasons why flight schools use simulators.

  • Flight simulators replicate real flight environment and provides a range of flight training exercises. Students can practice their landings, takeoffs, taxiing, navigation, etc.
  • Simulators help students to understand how airplanes will react in different situations. Students will get exposed to uncommon scenarios like adverse weather conditions, emergency situations, new locations and different aircraft.
  • Simulators make it easier for you to fly real aircrafts. As you will already know the basic theories of aviation, you will be able to fly a real plane comfortably and quickly. It will save your money and time.
  • Students will be able to judge their performance by review their moves. They will be able to learn where they have gone wrong and what the right way to face the situation is.
  • Flight simulators save a lot of money. Arranging practical lessons for students can be very expensive. Using simulators reduce the need to have practical lessons.

If coupled with a flight instructor, flight simulators can be an excellent tool for flight trainings. Simulators are a great way to learn from mistakes. Simulators are a better option before you jump into actual flying.

4 reasons why you should try a flight simulator


If you are preparing yourself to be a pilot, then you must try flight simulator. With simulators you can larn basic aviation concepts and theory. The setup is very similar to the original. Here are the main reasons why a prospective pilot must try a flight simulator.


With flight simulators you can become familiar with the flight basics without spending too much money. Real flight lessons can be very expensive. In the U.S., it is required to have a minimum of 40 hours of flight time with a certified instructor in order to get a license.


Flight simulators are not dependent of weather conditions. So, you can try it any time. You can also generate particular conditions to experience something different and learn from it.

Risk-free flight challenges

You will be able to try out challenging situations such as conflicting traffic, unusual flight conditions, systems problems, poor weather conditions, turbulence, etc. You can also experience systems failures and emergencies.

Instructional features

It has recorded data and the ability to review and replay a simulated flight. You can match performance against criteria easily.

Flight simulation lets pilots or trainees to learn from mistakes without any risk. Flight simulator systems vary in realism and complexity. A more complex and realistic system will provide a more realistic experience for the pilot or trainee. Advanced simulators have a motion base that responds to control inputs. So, more realistic motion cues can be experienced by the pilot or trainee. So, trying out flight simulator is a must if you are looking forward to a career as a pilot. It can also be a fun gaming experience.


Top 3 flight simulator addons


Flight simulation has helped in major advances in computing, electrical actuation and image generation. It has advanced in a number of sectors including medicine, business and gaming. More and more people are now using flight simulator for gaming purposes. If you are tired of flying boring default planes in flight simulators, then here are some interesting addons available fo you.

PMDG Aircraft


This is one of the leading flight simulator addon developers available today. The quality and detail of this addon is unparallel. This is ideal for amateur flight simmer to skilled flight simulator pilot.

Majestic MJC8 Q400 ( Dash-8 )


This is a high quality addon. It is available in three editions: pilot, pro and training. The training version has the richest feature. The pilot version features fully simulated FMC, saving and loading panel state function, fuel management system, high quality cockpit, custom sounds and weather radar. The pro and training version also has a HUD system, an advanced flight management system, 2D panels and fully customizable failure system. There is also a mist feature which gives you mist windows during cold weather. This addon is highly recommended for intermediate flight simmers and the expert ones.

Aerosoft Airbus X Extended


The graphical quality of this aircraft is very good. It has great light system. Its procedures are interesting and challenging. With this addon you can experience a full FBW (Fly-By-Wire) Airbus system.
These addons will drastically improve your flight simulator experience. They are more advanced and have lots of new features which didn’t exist before. You will love the new features, enjoy the ride and feel more real.