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4 Custom Gates to Keep Your Dog Safe and Your Home Stylish

Dogs may be man’s best friend, but that will not stop them from chewing on your throw pillows or running off, unattended. What you need are dog gates that can keep them safe and also keep them off the valuables in your home when you’re there to watch them. This is a huge worry for a lot of dog owners because there are a lot of dog gates available on the market, but there are very few tips or guides that can help you pick the right one.

To help you choose the best type of gate for your home, here some of the different kinds available and what they can each do for your dog and your home.

Freestanding Pet Gate

This type of gates can be easily installed and taken out, without leaving any marks on the walls or floor, so if you leave in an apartment with a strict landlord, this is your best option. A freestanding gate is one of the best custom gates in Perth because it works as good with one area to block as it does when you have multiple areas to block. The key is in picking the right width, so the gate covers the areas you want blocked. Freestanding gates often come in a variety of materials, from wood and plastic to iron and steel, colors and even designs. You can find one that perfectly complements you interior and taste.

Hinged Pet Gate

In contrast to freestanding dog gates, these are attached to a sturdy wall or a foundation of your house. Hinged gates are recommended to be use for stairs because they make sure that your dog cannot knock them over. In fact, these types of gates are the best gates for large dogs. It’s less likely that your dog will walk over them or push them aside, so they can go through. You can even add locks to this, so you can easily move across rooms, without compromising the safety of your dog.

Panel Pet Gates

One of the best types of gates is a panel gate. They let you block your dog from bigger parts of the house, like half of the living room or the some areas of your bedroom. This comes with multiple panels that can help you separate spaces, no matter how oddly shaped the area is. You can easily zig-zag these panels and configure a shape the best suits your preference.

Outdoor Dog Gate

Every dog craves a little bit of sunshine, so it must enjoy staying on your deck or patio. To keep yourself from worrying about your dogs chewing on your roes or its safety, you need an outdoor gate. Because it will be stationed outside, it has to be able to endure the elements and your pet’s excitement. If you’re going to attach the gates to stairs of your deck, then it would best to have it hinged on something sturdy. However, if you’d rather build your dog a playpen outside, then make sure that it can be locked together securely.

There are many custom gates available for you. All you need to consider are your dog’s size and eagerness, your space, the purpose you want the dog gates to serve and how you want them to look.