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5 Tips On How To Choose The Right Removal Truck To Hire

Opting for the DIY style when moving home or office is a cheaper option, and it will need you to hire a removal truck. It may be a cheaper option but one that may be tedious thus requiring some adequate planning starting with hiring the truck for the move. Below are five important things to consider when hiring a removal truck.

1.    Type Of Truck

Hiring a removal truck is a viable option if you have a driving license. Most are available even if you have a car license. The type of vehicle in regards to transmission and size is an important factor to consider. It will be easier to drive an automatic transmission truck than a manual one, especially over longer distances. Nevertheless, always hire the truck from a company that gives basic tutorials on how to operate their rental vehicles.

2.    Advance Booking

Start searching for the ideal type of moving truck as soon as you are sure of when you are moving and where you are relocating. Booking the truck in advance will ensure that you have a suitable vehicle to move your items. Advance booking will also be one less thing you have to think about when running the last minute arrangements for the move. Avoid making a last minute rush searching for a moving rental because you most likely will not find a suitable truck, and you might have to pay more if you do find one. The best equipment rental companies, such as Rentco, book out many weeks in advance.

3.    Size Of The Truck

Picks a vehicle based on its size with considerations given to the type, size, and a number of items you are moving; and this should also account for how they are going arranged to fit in the truck securely. For instance, you will need an 11 cubic meter truck if you are moving from a one-bedroom apartment. You will need a bigger truck if you leave in a large house such as a three or four-bedroom apartment. The company providing the moving rentals will inquire about the much you are moving and give you a quoted based on the information while also pick a suitable removal vehicle for you.

4.    Length Of The Journey

How close or far the new place plays a significant role in determining the price. Since most rental truck services offer vehicles and require clients to cater to the fuel costs, this is yet another factor that an affect the overall cost of hiring the rental. So, consider picking a favorable deal such as a ‘one way’ deal. Such a deal is good because you will only have to pay for the transportation of your goods to your new location and not have to worry about drive the truck back. But, you will have to search for rental companies that have depots in various parts of a state or the country. Some companies can as well provide drivers for their trucks making the drive to and from less of a hassle for their clients.

5.    Insurance

Only hire a truck that has insurance coverage to avoid facing any liabilities for damages incurred to the truck during the move. The rental truck company may include the insurance price as a separate payment or as an inclusive part of the rental rate. The cover is a protective measure, but you are most likely to be a fully comprehensive cover with payable excess in the event of an accident. All this points to the need to have a competent driver behind the wheel.