FS Addons is a home and garden-related blog that will guide you through the basics of creating a home and garden. You will find advice, ‘how-to-start’ features, tips, and much more here. This blog is ideal for people who are just starting out in their first home or starting their first garden. You will find a lot of useful information here to help you get settled.

This blog is run by a small team of writers who have a lot of insight when it comes to matters of home setup, cleaning, security, etc. They also have a lot of experience with vegetable gardens, landscaping, home improvements, etc. FS Addons is a hub of useful information that will guide any homeowner through setting up and improving their home.

FS Addons started as a group of people sharing tips with each other. They decided to start a blog and share all their combined knowledge and experience with the world. From a few friends and acquaintances, the members and following have grown to hundreds of contributors, advertisers, and readers. The team believes that growth is important and welcome anyone who wants to write a guest article and they invite all readers to comment on and discuss the information they find here.

Welcome to the all-around home and garden blog, especially for beginners.