Advertising on a blog site can be very rewarding and can offer a lot of exposure for your business. FS Addons has a lot of followers and readers and any business will do well with advertising with us. If your business falls within any sub-category of the home and garden niche, you will definitely get some business from advertising with us. Any business from furniture removals to garden services can advertise with us.

You can choose from the following advertisement types:

Banner advertisements

$30 per month for a banner ad on either the Home or About page. A banner advertisement is versatile and can include video or a slideshow effect. It is situated at the top of the page or in-between sections on a page. A banner is very visible and a great way to get exposure.

Sidebar advertisements

$20 per month for a side-bar ad that appears on our site on different pages every week. They move around to increase exposure. It is a block-like ad that contains all the important information about your business. We also call it a business card ad.


$20 per month for 3 pop-ups per day. Your ad will pop-up at scheduled times when a person visits the page. We don’t like bombarding people, but pop-ups are effective when used correctly. The ad will contain the basics of your business.

To apply for ad space, please send us the following:

  1. Name of your business, basic services or products, and your contact information.
  2. Briefly explain what information should be included in the ad. Our advertisement designers need to know what to use.
  3. Specify any special requirements or needs such as a video or slideshow feature.

We will respond with more information and a potential ad design within 3 days.