Top Tips for Preparing Your Garden for Spring Planting

Not much planting and gardening happen during winter, which makes it the perfect time to prepare your garden for spring planting. You can start getting your garden, soil, pots, etc. ready some time before you have to start planting. Planning ahead will make the experience more fun.

Follow these tips to prepare your garden:

Clear up existing flowerbeds

Clear away debris like dead leaves, branches, and other things that may have gotten stuck in the beds. You can also start enriching the soil with manure or compost once the beds are clean and you have workable soil.

Order the necessary bulbs and seeds

Know which plants grow when and how long ahead of the time you need to plant them. If you want summer-flowering plants you can order them in winter and plant them in spring to have a colorful garden in summer.

Clean your greenhouse if you have one

Clean your greenhouse thoroughly with a garden disinfectant. Wash the inside and outside of glass or plastic to make sure you remove any unwelcome guests and dust. Sweep the floor and clean out the pots you want to use. Wipe any tables or counters at the top and bottom.

Get rid of garden pests early

Once all your pots and beds have been cleaned you also need to look out for hibernating pests. Check the crowns of perennial plants for slugs and snails. You can also prepare the soil to get rid of other pests. Try using environmentally friendly pesticides.

Catch rainwater for watering

Plants love rainwater. Collect rainwater in water butts during the rainy season and use it to water your plants. This saves water, is environmentally friendly, will save you money, and make your plants very happy.

Clean all your tools

Everything else has been cleaned, so next is your gardening tools. Clean all your gardening tools well before using them again. Get rid of old soil and mud. Sharpen sheers and other sharp implements.

When all this is done you can enjoy planting and nurture your plants when the time comes.