Cleaning Guide for When You Move Into a New House

Before you move into a new house, it is necessary to clean it. The previous owners most likely cleaned it before leaving, but we find that a thorough clean is needed to make it ‘you-ready’. Before you move in the boxes and furniture, clean the house from top to bottom and every corner, nook, and cranny. Include these specifics when cleaning:

Clean the Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home. To make the home yours, clean it to get rid of the previous owner’s cooking smells. It is also important to clean the kitchen because it is easy for things to get sticky. Clean the inside and tops of cupboards as well as the doors. Clean all the sinks and water outlets thoroughly.

Clean the Fridge

Now is the ideal time to clean your fridge properly. Use a heavy-duty but non-poisonous cleaner to wash out the inside and get rid of any smells. Carefully was all drawers and other fridge gadgets. Now you can stock your clean fridge in your new home with all your favorites.

Clean the Stove

Whether you are taking your own stove or if one came with the house, you need to clean it. Again, it is the ideal time. Use a good oven cleaner to clean out the inside. It will have to be left for a few minutes to work its cleaning magic. While you wait, wash the trays and racks of the stove and oven with nice hot and soapy water.

Clean the Walls

If the walls were not repainted by the previous owners, you might want to wash them. Liquids and food are spilled often and can get stuck on walls. If there were kids before, you will find sticky fingers and marks on the walls around doors and light switches.

Clean the Floors

They will get dirty again when everything is moved in, but at least it will be properly clean before. It is easier to get rid of old dirt before the stuff is moved in. After that, you can just wash the floor normally.

Make your new house fully yours by washing away all the dirt from previous owners and starting fresh.

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